Creative Growth

I pass this tree on my trail walks. I am not sure when I first noticed the tree, but I know since my dad died in 2018, I haven’t missed it. It’s like I’m compelled to take a moment and acknowledge the tree’s presence on the trail. Its struggle to keep growing a little ofContinue reading “Creative Growth”

The Days are Long but the Years are Short

Today my oldest turns 16. At baby showers, at prenatal appointments, at the grocery store, friends and strangers alike would often warn: “Enjoy it. It goes by so fast.” And I knew what they meant. Of course I did. Time flies. I was no stranger to the concept. After all, childhood, college, pregnancy, they allContinue reading “The Days are Long but the Years are Short”

Finding Forty

I just turned forty. I have a distinct memory of a¬†surprise fortieth¬†birthday party for my father when I was in the fifth grade. We decorated with a myriad of black balloons and over the hill decor. I thought forty was so old. Now here I am. Forty. And I don’t feel old. If anything, IContinue reading “Finding Forty”