Tips for Writers to Stay on Track During the Query Process

Oh, querying. The very worst of the hurry-up-and-wait-and-wait-and-wait-and-oh, yay-another-rejection game! It can be difficult for writers to stay on track while querying. It’s the first part of the process where writers give up control. And that can be scary. Terrifying, really. Because not only do we not have control, but we’re essentially asking someone toContinue reading “Tips for Writers to Stay on Track During the Query Process”

Making the Most of a Query Break

December is not historically a great time to query agents. Much like the rest of us, agents are swamped with end of year business, holiday stress, goal setting for the new year, and catching up on their query inbox. Many agents will go ahead and close their inbox to queries, taking the guesswork out ofContinue reading “Making the Most of a Query Break”

Writing Conferences

Tis the season for writing conferences! After several long years of virtual conferences, many are returning in person or offering a hybrid. I’m heading to an in person conference myself in October and can’t wait to meet fellow writers I’ve only interacted with online, learn new things in our educational sessions, and have time awayContinue reading “Writing Conferences”