Frequently Asked Questions

What is a book coach?

A cheerleader. An accountability partner. A guide. A resource. A partner. A sounding board.

What I am not is a ghost writer, copyeditor, or green lighter. I am here to provide big picture guidance and help you on your journey to achieve your writing goals, but that will include honest feedback so that you can learn and grow on your journey. It will be hard work, but the ultimate work will be up to you to execute.  

When is the right time to hire a coach?

  • Do you have an idea but aren’t sure where to begin?
  • Are you stuck in your manuscript and struggling to keep going?
  • Have you completed a manuscript but aren’t sure if it’s ready?
  • Have you been pitching a manuscript to agents/editors and getting wishy-washy feedback on your pages?

There is no real “wrong” time to hire a book coach if you are ready to level up your writing.  

Can you guarantee me an agent/book deal/bestseller?

I wish I could! But, alas, no. I don’t make guarantees and anyone who does should be called into question. The publishing industry is a fickle and subjective business outside of my, or any coach’s, control.

What I can offer is ongoing support, honest feedback, creative brainstorming and a partnership to help you improve your writing from wherever you are starting.

What genres do you coach?

I write women’s fiction so women’s fiction and contemporary are my natural wheelhouse. However, I am open to most any genre. I would not be the coach for you, however, if you are writing mystery, science fiction, children’s books, horror, or erotica. Not sure where your book fits? Drop me a line or set up a discovery call and let’s talk about it.

What about copyright?

I could tell you a long story about how my high school history accused me of plagiarism and how I was able to come with serious receipts to back up my original ideas, but suffice it to say, I don’t steal other people’s words. Our relationship will be collaborative, but in the end, the writing work is yours to do and your work is your own. We will sign a contract to protect us both.

But what about my ideas? I don’t want anyone to steal them.

I certainly have enough of my own to deal with, but I will say this if you are generally concerned about sharing your ideas within the writing community: I have worked with multiple writers who all said they were writing stories about the same general topic, but those stories could not have been more different. One was set in a fantasy world, one was women’s fiction, one was a domestic suspense. Your story is yours because of how you tell it. No one will tell your story the same way you do. And that’s what makes your writing unique.

I would be happy to chat through any additional concerns you have on this issue but know that your story is safe with me.

This all sounds great, how do I get started?

I can’t wait to meet you and your story! Contact me below to get started!