Making the Most of a Query Break

December is not historically a great time to query agents. Much like the rest of us, agents are swamped with end of year business, holiday stress, goal setting for the new year, and catching up on their query inbox. Many agents will go ahead and close their inbox to queries, taking the guesswork out ofContinue reading “Making the Most of a Query Break”

What I Love About Book Coaching

I’ve been coaching a few months and I have to tell you, I LOVE it! Watching a writer see their own work in a new way is such an amazing honor. Seeing the light of a new idea in their eyes is invigorating. Hearing the “AHA!” the moment a concept they’ve been struggling with suddenlyContinue reading “What I Love About Book Coaching”

The Importance of Writing Support & Where to Find it

Writing can feel like such a solitary endeavor. And most of the time it is. I mean, no one can write the words in your head onto a piece of paper like you can. You know your story. You are the sherpa to your characters, carrying their hopes and desires and misbeliefs, guiding them throughContinue reading “The Importance of Writing Support & Where to Find it”