I’ve Started Dating Someone New: Me

The boys just completed their last week of summer camp. I spent the week doing some writing, running errands, watching a few movies. And on the last day, I went on a date. With myself.  The idea was taken from Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way. She recommends, among many wonderful suggestions, taking your inner artist on a date onceContinue reading “I’ve Started Dating Someone New: Me”

Thank goodness we have boys

I can’t tell you how many times I have uttered the words, “Thank goodness we have boys.” Anytime we’re watching a show where the parents are struggling with rebelling girls dating bad boys or I pass a children’s store with clothes I can’t imagine being appropriate for little girls or Congress again can’t pass equal pay for equal work…Continue reading “Thank goodness we have boys”

The Productivity Problem

There has been plenty written lately about our culture of busyness. A quick Google search on that phrase will bring up several articles about the busy trend, its effects on our health and mental well-being and how to combat the busy trap. Now that I’m no longer answering to anyone but myself (and two little munchkinsContinue reading “The Productivity Problem”