Book Coaching Services

Whether you need start planning your next project and digging into revision, if you’re ready to commit to your writing, look no further than the coaching packages below.


You don’t have a second chance to make a first impression. Make sure your opening pages are solid. Whether you are preparing for a contest, an in-person pitch at a conference, or just want to experience coaching before committing to a full package, the quick start package is the perfect way to dip your toe into the book coaching waters.

With the Quick Start package, I will review your first chapter (up to 15 pages), provide a 1 page editorial letter with in document comments, and a 30 minute coaching call. You will receive valuable feedback on whether your opening chapter is working and doing your manuscript justice.

Investment: $95


Have an idea but aren’t sure where to begin? Don’t let the blank page intimidate you or, just as challenging, allow too many ideas to dilute your story. I can help you flesh out your idea so you can start writing.

Using the Author Accelerator Blueprint for a Book process we will work together to nail down the bones and soul of your book BEFORE you start writing. At the end of this package, you will have a clear picture of your story goals, a stronger understanding of your story, and the tools you need to write forward.


  • Six deadlines (to take place over 6-8 weeks) of a series of Blueprint exercises
  • In document feedback on each submission
  • Three 1 hour coaching calls to discuss feedback and brainstorm
  • Call recording so you can rewatch as many times as you need/want
  • Ongoing email support during package duration

Investment: $800 for 6 deadlines, must be completed within 8 weeks*


Have you completed a draft and are staring at it, wondering how to even begin a revision? Or have you started revising but it feels more like line edits when you know there are bigger problems to deal with? Or have you completed a revision but feel like something still isn’t working, you just can’t put your finger on it?

This revision package will identify the big structural issues in your story and give you a plan to tackle them. We won’t waste any time in the line edit weeds, but will take a big picture view to ensure your story foundation is strong.


  • Creation of an as-is Inside Outline
  • Exercises designed to drill down to the heart of your story to ensure that heart appears on the pages of your manuscript
  • Revision of the Inside Outline (multiple iterations to get the story right in a more manageable format)
  • A revision plan so you can execute needed changes
  • 30 minute biweekly coaching calls (4)
  • Call recordings so you can rewatch as many times as you need/want
  • Ongoing email support during the project timeframe

Investment: $1,000, estimated timeframe of 8 weeks.


I typically recommend manuscript evaluations after a revision package for maximum efficiency. My professional manuscript evaluations are similar to a developmental edit and evaluate for character, plot and pacing, tension, structure, and voice. At the completion of your evaluation, you will have a clearer picture of what works and what doesn’t in your manuscript, as well as have an understanding of where to focus revision efforts in order to take your manuscript to the next level.

A manuscript evaluation will include:

  • Submission of your full manuscript
  • 5-page editorial letter
  • In document comments
  • Suggested next steps for your revision
  • 1 hour coaching call to discuss feedback and next steps
  • Call recording so you can rewatch as many times as you need/want

Investment: $4 per page, full manuscripts only*

* Writers who decide to add on the revision coaching plan after a Manuscript Evaluation will receive a $100 discount. Writers who complete Revision Coaching with me will also receive a $100 discount on a full manuscript evaluation after they’ve completed their revision.

What it’s Like to Work with Me

Monica’s evaluation of my manuscript was comprehensive and detailed–with specific advice on how to approach revisions. Her feedback really resonated with me as far as areas that needed improvement. With her suggestions and support with brainstorming, I was able to make my manuscript stronger on many fronts.

Claudia Armann, Writer

It was great to work with Monica. She understood the story I was trying to tell. I knew there were things that weren’t working but couldn’t figure out what they were. Monica cut through my confusion, clarified the genre, and showed me exactly where the story needed shoring up. She was patient, encouraging, and honest. After talking with her, I was excited to work on my novel and make it stronger!

Katelin Cummins, Writer

Ready to start the next step of your writing journey? I’m here to help.

Whether you have a new story idea or need help with a revision plan, there is a coaching opportunity for you. Not sure which package is the best fit? Schedule a free discovery call and let’s talk about your project and goals. I can’t wait to get started!