I have wanted to be a writer since I was eight years old and realized that it was someone’s job to write the books I devoured. But I was also a practical kid and so when it came time to decide on a major and career path, I found solace in journalism school and started a career in public and media relations, helping companies and non-profits tell their stories. I loved matching their goals with the best ways to share their messages. Until, at some point, I stopped wanting to tell other people’s stories.

I decided to take the plunge and dive head first into my writing. I spent a lot of time making mistakes and taking some wrong turns. Every misstep led to a lesson learned, but it was a lonely business and one that took a lot of time. Writing is a solitary journey that can take months if not years and often as writers, we don’t know what’s not working until we’re tens of thousands of words or several drafts in.

Now, I am excited to be able to do both—to tell my own stories and help you, as a writer, tell yours!

My goal as a coach is to you get the feedback and encouragement you need to keep going, to finish your manuscript, to discover your personal strengths and provide the tools needed to shore up any weaknesses in your writing. I will be your cheerleader when needed, provide accountability, and shine a light on the path forward regardless of where you are in your writing journey.

I do this work because I understand feeling stuck in my writing, doubting my own skills, feeling unsure where to go next. If we work together, you will receive support, honest feedback, and an action plan to move your story and writing forward.

Want to know more about this work and how it might help your writing? Here is a great blog post illuminating the benefits of investing in a book coach.

Ready to take the next step?

About Me

I am a women’s fiction author and Author Accelerator Certified book coach.

I began my career in public relations where I worked in Washington, D.C. then Atlanta on a variety of media campaigns for clients ranging in topics from healthcare to high school sports. I started blogging in 2006 after having my first child and at the height of the mommy-blogging boom. I wrote about the challenges of transitioning from the corporate world to at-home motherhood and documented the joys and pitfalls of on-ramping and flexible work arrangements as our life evolved. I am also the writer of women’s fiction and am currently shopping around a new manuscript.

I am a graduate of the Hussman School of Journalism and Media at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a proud member of the Women’s Fiction Writers Association. I live in North Carolina with my husband, two teenaged boys, and cat. When I’m not writing or coaching clients on their own writing you can find me reading on my porch swing or using a long walk in the woods as an excuse to catch up on my favorite podcasts.

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