My Book Coaching Philosophy

What is it like to work with a book coach? More specifically, what is it like to work with me as your book coach?

Working with me on your project means that you have someone on your side who:

  • Is as invested in your story as you are
  • Will listen to your story problems, your writing concerns, your writer’s doubts, your creative struggles, your ideas
  • Will reflect those problems/concerns/doubts/struggles/ideas back to you to help you discover the root of what’s holding you back in these areas
  • Will keep you on track with deadlines and accountability
  • Will brainstorm, riff, and ask questions to get you to your best ideas
  • Will push back and challenge you to dig deeper and work hard
  • Will celebrate with you when you have your breakthroughs

Only you can write this story. Only you have the ultimate solutions. Only you can do the work of digging deep and creating.

Because you are the writer.

My job is to be your guide.

This weekend, I was on a writing retreat in the Georgia mountains. We went on a hike one afternoon on a neighboring mountain. The property managers for the lodge we were staying in served as our guides. They drove us in ATVs to the trail head on the property. They pointed out the various trail options and outlined their terrains. But we were the ones who had to make the decision on which route to take. We had to get up the hill or ford the stream on our own. They couldn’t do that for us. But we were happy to have the guides who educated us, brought our lunch, and provided first aid kits (just in case–no one needed them).

My book coaching philosophy is to be supportive when you need a mental first aid kit when you get stuck, to point out the trail of your story and make sure you stay on it when you start to stray, to navigate the peaks and valleys with you so that you can eventually reach the vista and take in the amazing, fully finished story you’ve created.

My job is to support you and your story.

To help you get the work done.

To help you grow as a writer.

What is it like to work with me? Take a look at what some clients have said about their experience:

Monica’s evaluation of my manuscript was comprehensive and detailed–with specific advice on how to approach revisions. Her feedback really resonated with me as far as areas that needed improvement. With her suggestions and support with brainstorming, I was able to make my manuscript stronger on many fronts. 

Claudia Armann

I was thrilled by the level of detail and clear action steps Monica offered after reviewing my query, synopsis, and manuscript. Thanks to her guidance and feedback, I was able to pinpoint the areas of my novel that needed to be strengthened–it actually got me excited about revising! 

Alyssa Hanada

It was great to work with Monica. She understood the story I was trying to tell. I knew there were things that weren’t working but couldn’t figure out what they were. Monica cut through my confusion, clarified the genre, and showed me exactly where the story needed shoring up. She was patient, encouraging, and honest. After talking with her, I was excited to work on my novel and make it stronger!

Katelin Cummins

What do you say? Are you ready to dig deep and get to work finishing your story?

Published by Monica Cox

Monica is a writer and book coach who helps writers get unstuck so they can reach their writing goals.

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