Happy Holidays and My 2023 Word of the Year

This is the last blog of the year! I will be taking next week off to spend with family, relax, and plan for 2023.

And I have some big plans for 2023:

  • Finish my revision
  • Query the book
  • Enhance how I work with clients with some new offerings (more to come in 2023!)
  • Re-establish workout routines (something that became inconsistent after a few injuries)
  • Volunteer more with two local organizations near to my heart

These are some big tasks, which is why my word of the year is FOCUS.

Focus is something I struggle with at times. I’m always thinking of what isn’t getting done–the coaching that isn’t getting done when I’m writing and the writing that isn’t getting done when I’m coaching; the self-care that isn’t getting done in general; the volunteering I let slide claiming I don’t have time when, if I take care of my schedule, I certainly do.

My favorite advice to give is the best advice I ever received when I went back to work after kids: Be where your feet are. I love to give this advice because it’s something I need to hear myself multiple times a day! My word, FOCUS, is meant to be short hand to being where my feet are. If I’m writing, I’m writing. If I’m coaching, I’m coaching. If I’m exercising, I’m taking care of myself. If I’m volunteering, I’m taking care of others.

While this makes sense on the surface, deep inside, when things are stressful (like during the holidays) and deadlines are approaching (like the one I set for this revision to be done by January), it is very easy for me to fall into a negative loop of self talk that points out all the things I’m not doing to the point where I then feel paralyzed to get anything done at all only serving to prove the voice right.

I need to take a deep breath, center myself, and FOCUS on the task at hand.

And engage my team.

If your goal is to write, finish, or revise a novel in 2023 but you need help keeping focused, engage your writing support team to help. One of the things that is helping me FOCUS as I move into 2023 is the book coach I worked with to help me through my revision plan. I also have a critique partner I am accountable to and my family here to (constantly) remind me that I can only do one thing at a time. We all need a team at times.

Whether you need feedback, ongoing support, help developing craft, or accountability, a book coach may be the right person for your support team. Sign up for a free 15-minute discovery call with me to see if I am the right fit for you and your project.

I also have some goals for this blog space and the free content I provide across platforms that I am super excited to share with you in the coming months. January will feature tips on what to do when you feel stuck in your writing. February will include a focus on feedback–how to give it, where to get it, and how to use it. And March is all about staying on track.

To not miss a tip/conversation in the coming months on these topics:
1) Follow me on Instagram and also get #MondayMotivation posts, writing tips, and a behind-the-scenes look at being a writer and coach
2) Sign up for my free monthly newsletter so you don’t miss content exclusive to subscribers. Plus, be the first to know about new coaching options coming later this year!

What are your goals for 2023? Do you have a word that helps center you on those goals?

Wishing you all joy and peace this holiday season! See you in 2023!

Featured photo by Paul Skorupskas on Unsplash

Published by Monica Cox

Monica is a writer and book coach who helps writers get unstuck so they can reach their writing goals.

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