Renovations and Revisions

This summer, our dishwasher leaked. Big time. Only we didn’t know it. It leaked who knows how much water under our tile floors for who knows how long. We only noticed when the hardwood floors in the dining room next to the kitchen started warping. Once we dug in and saw the actual damage, it was extensive.

As a result, we have spent much of our summer in a construction zone.

It’s been noisy and never ending.

So while I wanted my summer to look like this:

It too often looked more like this:

While I somehow managed to launch a book coaching business in the midst of all this chaos, I’ve ignored my work in progress. This week, I started a workshop that I hoped would help me dive back in and focus on finishing this revision. Let me just say, it is a struggle.

I spent the winter and spring Frankenstein-ing my manuscript–tearing it apart and putting it back together as something new in the hopes of making it stronger. But because I’ve had this unintended distance from the revisions, I’m afraid of going back in and realizing I’ve also created a monster.

I can’t avoid it forever. I have to face my manuscript sooner or later.

I love the story. I want it to succeed. I want to rise to the challenge of giving it my all. And so I am taking a page from my own coaching playbook: writing a one page book summary, creating an outline of what exists to see where the holes are, and giving myself a lot of grace and a little pep talk.

Much like my kitchen looked way worse before it started to look better, I imagine my revision will be the same. And in the end, both my kitchen and my manuscript should be the better for it.

Or at least I hope so.

On both counts. Cause I am really tired of washing dishes in the bathtub.

Did you like this post? There will be more about how renovation mirrors revision in my next newsletter coming out on August 31st. I will also share what I’ve been reading, listening to, and watching this summer. Let’s connect!

Published by Monica Cox

Monica is a writer and book coach who helps writers get unstuck so they can reach their writing goals.

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